Let me share with you how you can earn money at home to provide more for your family. I know, I know, we are all busy, so where will you get the time for doing just one more thing? Easy; you make time for what is important. Your health and your family should take priority; so stop feeding them processed foods and using chemicals in your everyday life.

Some of the fun topics in this website will be:

  • Using household items to cook, clean and repair
  • Gardening tips, tricks and ideas to create food/herbs in even the smallest spaces
  • Ways to keep your produce fresh, preserved and stored to cash in on your own garden, Farmer’s Markets and even great deals at the grocery stores
  • Alternatives to over-the-counter drugs with easy to follow recipes
  • Easy, inexpensive and healthy family meals, for one meal or future meals
  • Using essential oils to make everything from health remedies to soap!
  • Sharing ways to be prepared in a disaster (tornadoes and flooding are big in Wisconsin)