10 Easy Halloween Party Appetizers

Easy, Quick and Kid-Helping Friendly Halloween Moon

It always happens over Halloween.  Football, friends and fun.  Why not enjoy the game or the party with these wonderfully creative appetizers.  I found most of these easy to make so you are ready in plenty of time before guests arrive.

Most of these recipes are kid friendly and they can even help in the preparation.

Mummy Dogs Mummy hotdogs

Cuties In The Kitchen    This recipe take a simple corn dog up several notches. It is easy to make with the kids. You can even make some the adults will like by substituting an Italian sausage or chicken sausage.  These can be made the day of event and brought back to live by baking for 5 minutes at 300 degrees.



Spider Nacho Cheese Dip spider nacho cheese dip

This recipes from Lite 100.5 FM WRCH station.  This is one of many on the Internet, but the assembly is easier, even though it has the same ingredients as most.  The extra touch with the spider plate adds more fun.  Check out your local thrift or Dollar Stores.



Pumpkin Cheeseball Pumpkin shaped cheese ball

Cool Mom Picks has many wonderful Halloween appetizer selections.  I liked this one because you can make it the day before your party.  It is easy to mix the ingredients, and just unwrap, place on dark chips and you are ready to go!

Note:  I would use a dip platter so as the pumpkin breaks down from everyone trying it, the chips will stay separated and crisp.


Graveyard Pizza graveyard pizza

This is another easy, make-ahead appetizer. I found this one at Taste of Home.  Make the crust and set aside up to 2 days before the party.  Make the cheese spread the night before.  Cut up the veggies the night before too.  Just assemble about 1 hour before the party so the “tombstones” don’t get soggy.



Fluffy Orange Spread

Fluffy Orange SpreadThis fluffy spread is also from Taste of Home.  It add a dessert-like sweetness to the rest of the savory and salty dips and chips.  Just make sure you spritz the sliced apples with a little lemon juice so they don’t turn brown.





Spider Sliders Spider decorated small sandwiches

These little sandwiches are quick to put together as shown by Taste of Home’s recipe.  It gives the guys something more than dip to fill them up.  We gals like them too, because the chocolate candy needs something more!



Tombstone Sandwiches sandwiches in shape of tombstones

For a more hearty appetizers, Better Homes and Gardens has a cute way of serving these sandwiches.  Again, with all the candy, a sandwich will help fill you up without getting a sugar high!




Cheese Witches brooms  witches brooms made of cheese

These cute cheese bites come from Cocinado Con Catman.  These are easy to make, however it is best to do this the day of the party so the cheese does not dry out and the pretzel sticks don’t get soft.  With everything else done the day before, assembly should not take long.


Cheddar Witches FingersWitch fingers made of cheese

This is a bit different play on the standard witch and mummy fingers.  Cook Like a Champion took this a step further with the black fingernails and the cute orange, spider and web bowl.  Check your local thrift stores for these finds.

This recipe will probably be best done by an adult or older child to get the fingers a bit uniform.  The younger kiddos can apply the fingernails!



Meat Head skull made of lunch meat

This is the best Halloween food entry I have seen in a while.  Kudos to Helpful Homemade on this creation.

This one takes a bit to make and can be made the day before if wrapped carefully in plastic wrap to keep fresh.  The looks alone are worth the small effort.


Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy your appetizers!


Do you have any other recipes you use during this bewitching holiday?

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