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Useful Bling

I love to have some bling in my life, doesn’t everyone? Well for me aluminum foil rollthat “bling” is aluminum foil. This is not just a wrap for leftovers, it is a household wonder. It can be used to remove rust spots, fix a broken spring, help guide a screw and so much more.

Car Care

Rust spots – Scrub chrome bumper with popular “brown” soda; Take a small sheet of aluminum foil and crumble it up. Scrub rust with foil scrub. Works on battery terminals too.

Oil Drips – Make a “pan” out of extra strength aluminum foil to catch any oil drips when you work on the car. Flatten a cardboard box, cover with aluminum foil and duct tape it together.

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Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

I love the warm sun and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. I imagine myself in a comfy lawn chair with a magazine on one side and a glass of homemade iced tea on the other. My daydreaming does not include bugs, however in warm weather they are all around us.

There are easy ways to keep pesky flies, wasps and ants at bay. Here are my first choice for deterrents:

AntsNatural Bug Deterrant

  • Put 2 tablespoons of yellow corn meal into a little pile, make 3-4 piles where you have seen the ants. They will bring it back to their nest for all to eat. They can’t digest it, so they will be gone in a week.
  • To deter ants coming into your home, pour dried coffee grounds in a line to the entrance to your doors and/or windows where they are coming in. This works as well as corn starch, vinegar and all-purpose flour. They won’t cross the line. If one does, the others won’t follow.

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Campfire Baking

Cooking over a campfire can be fun and easy.  Here are two recipes for bread your whole family will enjoy.  They will save you time and are delicious.

Skillet BreadCorn Bread in Cast Iron pan

Make 8 slices

If you are like me, I use my Cast Iron pans at home and when camping. Here you just need your skillet.

I prepare the bread dough at home so I have more time for sun and fun.

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Easy Camping Recipes

I love camping and the smell of a campfire. Here are some of my favorite, collected recipes to keep your family happy and satisfied.

Breakfast Burritosbreakfast burrito

I found these to be very easy to make at home and pack for the weekend. You can make completely ahead of time, or cook ingredients and put burritos together that morning. This feeds 4 hungry campers. Recipes doubles well.


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