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Spice Up Your Dinner

Make Dinner in Minutes

Plate of Enchiladas

On these chilly nights, it is nice to know you can have a nice dinner that is fun, inexpensive and can be prepared ahead!

My Slow Cooker Cheese-filled Steak Enchiladas are a good way to put a healthy dinner on the table for just a few dollars. It is easy to assemble it all the night before.

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Easy Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract

Vanilla beans with flower

I know you can buy vanilla extract in the store. But once you have tasted this recipe, you will never go back. Not only does it eliminate all chemicals and taste better, it is cheaper than the commercial brands. It takes only minutes to make!*

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DIY Carpet Cleaner

Making Your Own Carpet Cleaner

spilled coffee

It is hard enough to get everything done in a day, so why make your own household cleaners? Because your family’s health is at stake.

Today’s cleaners are loaded with chemicals, may which have been shown to cause cancer in animals. Why not take a short bit of time to make a month’s supply and clean with healthy alternatives. Not to mention it is much less expensive than the commercial brands.

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Quick Fix for Stuffy Nose

Ways To Cope With a Stuffy Nose

Woman with handerchief and red nose

Being cooped up in winter is common in the northern climates. Many germs and bacteria take hold if you are not careful and washing your hands regularly.

It seems no matter how hard you try, inevitably someone in the family comes down with a stuffy nose. The dry air in the home only adds to this and can take a stuffy nose into a sinus infection or worse.

The best way to thwart winter colds and stuffy noses is to build up your immune system ahead of time.


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Essential Oil Truths

Getting the Real Oils

Selection of certified essential oils

Most everyone has heard something about essential oils. It is all over the Internet and in commercials. Just like with everything else, however, there are a lot of imposters.

Some people confuse fragrance oils with essential oils. Fragrance oils have no medicinal or beneficial attributes, except for their scent. These are good to put into potpourri or a diffuser.

If you want to really benefit from oils, you need a credible essential oil. In the U.S. there is no discernible difference or standard, so you really need to know what to look for so you don’t pay top dollar for just a fragrance oil.

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Dog have an Itch?

Dry Skin Remedy for Pets

Puppy and kitten and guinea pig

It is winter and just like our skin gets dry, so does your dog’s. They need to have that moisture and oils put back into their coat and skin.

If you don’t pre-treat for dry skin, your dog can get hot spots from scratching, which can lead to infections.  Tips and recipes are found at end of blog.

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