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Do You Clean Like Mom?

Cleaning As Cheap as Mom

jar of borax and jar of washing soda

I remember my mother and grandmother always had a box of Fels Naptha, a bar of Lava soap and a container of 20 Mule Team Borax.   They believed in cleaning naturally.

I have a number of ways to use Borax that will be just as fast and less expensive than commercial brands.

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How to Make Dinner in Minutes

Start With a Slow Cooker

Red slow cooker

We are all busy with jobs, running the kids to events and practices, volunteering and maintaining a home. Everyone needs a “go to” weeknight meal that is fast, easy and inexpensive.

Getting a meal on the table is always easy when I use my slow cooker. I just get the seasonings together, chop any vegetables and store in containers the night before. Then toss them into the slow cooker the next morning and I’m off to work.

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Nix Those Stains

Nix Those Stains

spilled glass of red wine

I don’t know about you, but my house seems to collect more stains in winter. Wine, Coffee, butter are not exempt from staining clothes & furniture.

I don’t like buying most commercial cleaners, as you know, so making my own is always the best for me. Making your stains go away for pennies on the dollar is always something everyone likes. Better yet, some of these tips will have you use things that you already have around your home!

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