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Best Way to a Quick Meal

Spring Slow Cooker Meals

Cookbook held open, with wisk

It is still chilly and wet here in the Midwest.  Once in a while I know I will be having a busy day so I turn to my Slow Cooker to put a meal together in the morning and be ready when I get home in the evening.

I do any cleaning and chopping of vegetables the night before and put any spices out on the counter for the morning.  If meat needs to be seared first, I also do that the night before.  Everything goes into the refrigerator until morning.

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Best Way to Eliminate Plaque

Sometimes Flossing is Not Enough

3 colorful toothbrushes

I am all for anything natural.  I brush 2-3 times a day and floss regularly (sometimes not as much as my Dentist prefers).  I have always had a lot of plaque even with my oral hygiene regimen.

So to cut down on my plaque, I use this simple recipe.  I make it up ahead of time with only 3 ingredients!

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The Only Hair Products That Work

Master Frizzy Hair in 2 Steps

woman applying hair mask

In this cold, spring season my hair becomes dry and frizzy.  I have found a way to keep it soft and manageable all year long.  I make my own hair mask and hair spray.  No chemicals and the results are wonderful.

It is easy, fast and inexpensive!  All three things I strive for in my DIY projects!

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