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Why It Pays to Can Tomatoes

Preserve Tomatoes by Stewing

canned stewed tomatoes

Even my little garden produces more tomatoes than we can eat during harvest time.  This is why I usually can them.  I tried freezing them, following close instructions, but they were only good when pureed in a soup or stew.  I could have saved time and money by just canning them.

You will need a pressure canner for this project.

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Camping At Home

No Electric – Are You Prepared?

No Power sign

It has happened throughout the United States.  It can be a severe lightning storm, a flood, an ice storm or a tornado.  All of these have the potential of wiping out your electricity.  Don’t panic!  Be prepared.

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Prepare Now For Fall Garden

Make Your Own Cold Frame

cold frame

Here in Wisconsin, not much grows in winter, but I have found that I can start my seedlings in March instead of the end of May with a cold frame.

Making one of these contraptions is easier than you think, and it can even be done on the cheap!

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Tool for Every Emergency

Duct Tape to the Rescue

Duct Tape pieces

I know everyone has at least one roll of duct tape.  We have about 20.  Why you ask?  Because there are so many emergency things you can do with it.  I keep a roll in my car trunk with the other emergency equipment.

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Harvest Herbs For Future

Dehydrating Herbs


Summer is in full swing, however my herbs are coming in faster than I can eat them or give them away.  My first line of defense is to dehydrate them.  It takes a little time, but will save  you so much money.  Dried herbs in the store are very expensive and you already paid for the herbs in your garden, so why not use them?

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Unconventional Craft Pillows

No-Sew Crafts in Minutes

I can sew, I just don’t choose to sew anything if I can avoid it.  These pillows are a cinch to make and you can do it for about $5 per pillow.  If these are going outside, you will need to get a bottle of Outdoor Fabric Spray.  I got my Outdoor Fabric Spray at Amazon.

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