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3 Costly Items You Can Make for Pennies

Household money

DIY Household Products

I don’t mind buying commercial products, I just hate all the chemicals they have in them.  Usually when I am making some household products, I take an hour or two and make a variety of them.

Saving money, time and chemicals is always a plus for me and worth any effort there is.  However with these 3 different projects, it is easy and they work just as well as the commercial brands, save you money and only take minutes to make and store.


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Save Money – Make It Easy

Saving Money with Mesh

citrus in mesh bag

I love to find ways to save money on commercial items.  Sometimes you just need to buy what you need.  I have found a few things to do with those mesh bags my grapefruit and oranges come in.  The key is not to cut the bag, but keep it in tact so you can use the draw strings.

It is a simple thing, but has so many uses.  Here are some of the ways I use them, but there so many more.




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One Must-Take Step Before an Emergency

A New Way to Think About Emergencies

Debris from Tornado

I have been fortunate and never been through a storm, earthquake, flood or anything else that might destroy my home.

That being said, I see too often how quickly this type of devastation can hit.  I have a small pantry with emergency food and equipment for 3 days of survival (everyone should have this).  However, If a tornado hit and took out your house, would you know what documents you had at home?  Would you know which credit cards to cancel, how to contact all the people, banks, etc to let them know to turn everything off so you aren’t a victim of identity theft?  After all, if all of your bank statements and credit card statements are at home, after a storm they could be miles away for anyone to pick up. Make a list of your important documents


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Easy Corn Relish Recipe

Option to Make a Batch and Can

Canning jars with lids, canner or pot in a kitchen setting

I have come to love canning.  At first I thought it was old fashioned and time consuming.  Then I planted a vegetable garden.  Wow was I overwhelmed with food!  I went out in early August and purchased a pressure canner with all the extras (lucky for me that was a great time because everything was on sale!)

Now I not only do canning in fall, I can all year round.  When I find a good buy on fruits and vegetables, that compare greatly with fresh garden types, I buy in bulk and can it.  I am particular in where I buy my vegetables, and when I get a local farmer giving a good deal on a Sunday Farmers Market, right before they close, I am ecstatic.

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Top 3 Ways to Ward Off Wasps

Wasps, Hornets and Summer


Summer is here and so are the wasps.  I don’t like these insects hanging around as they are sure to sting me or my dog.  I have come across and used different methods to get rid of these stinging pests.   Here are my top 3 methods to get rid of wasps.

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