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8 Warnings Using Essential Oils

Advice to Save You Problems drop of water

There are so many advantages to using Essential Oils in your life.  It can be used in soaps, lip balms, air fresheners and medicinally.  It is a good practice to get oils that are real oils and not synthetic oils.  (See my original Post)!

Once you begin purchasing oils and using them, there are some very important things to avoid.

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Learn How to Use Leeks

How to Clean and Use Leeks Leeks and soup pot

If you’ve never had a leek, you are missing out on a very delicious taste.  Leeks may be used in place of scallions or onions, in my opinion.  My daughter first introduced me to leeks with her homemade chicken soup.  What a difference that made.

Whether you grow your own or purchase them from the market, there are some simple rules to keep them fresh and ready to use.  They are simple, quick and will make a better recipe when followed.  Recipes found below.

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12 Fixes For Your Ho

Alternate Uses for WD40

It’s not just for squeaks any more! This one product has multiple uses.  It pays for itself!

It is a “must have” household item.  Buy it on sale and use it everywhere. My family loves shortcuts and hates it when things don’t work.  This little product can fix, repair and prevent future problems with many items in your home.  Once you try this, you will go out and buy more of it.

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Quick List of Important Documents to Save

When it Pays to Keep Recordsdebris from tornado

I have been fortunate and never been through a storm, earthquake, flood or anything else that might destroy my home.

That being said, I see too often how quickly this type of devastation can hit.  I have a small pantry with emergency food and equipment for 3 days of survival (everyone should have this).  However, If a tornado hit and took out your house, would you know what documents you had at home, which credit cards to cancel, how to contact all the people, banks, etc to let them know to turn everything off so you aren’t a victim of identity theft?  After all, if all of your bank statements and credit card statements are at home, after a storm they could be miles away for anyone to pick up.

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How to Create Great Spice Rubs in Minutes

DIY Dry Rubs Spice bottles for dry rubs

It is winter in Wisconsin and we still grill outside.  If you are not that brave, you can still use these rubs to use on your inside grill.

We eat a lot of chicken, so spice rubs give a nice variety to each meal to give it a different taste.  Dry rubs will give your meat/fish a light cover of seasoning that will be seared into the meat/fish for a really nice taste.

Just measure, mix and rub.  Refrigerate meat/fish for at least 30 minutes before grilling.

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