7 Ways to use Witch Hazel

first aid kitWitch Hazel to the Rescue

That clear liquid we often find in our Mother or Grandmother’s home under the sink or in their bathroom.  What is it for?  Why would someone need it?  I’ve compiled a list of a few of its uses.  Just be sure to get the Alcohol Free version.

  1. Astringent
    Witch hazel is an astringent, which means it can be used effectively on oily skin. After washing your face, apply witch hazel to reduce any residue of pollution and makeup.
  1. First Aid
    My mom always had a bottle of witch hazel in our emergency box. She used it when I had chickenpox to keep me from scratching (works better than that pink stuff).  If you have someone who likes to explore wooded areas, this is just the fix for bug bites or poison oak and ivy.
  1. Mosquitoes no mosquito sign
    If you live in a warm climate you can use witch hazel year ‘round.  Those of us in northern climates will love using it in summer.  I love working in my garden, but I always seem to get chigger and/or mosquito bites.  I mix peppermint essential oil (about 3 drops) into a spray bottle filled with witch hazel.  A good spray before I garden and I usually can get away with no bites!
  1. Poison Ivy
    To ease the pain of poison ivy, soak a paper towel in witch hazel and gently dab on the irritated skin. It will draw out the ivy oil (which causes the itching) and start it to dry out.
  1. Razor Burn
    No matter how new my razor is, there is always a chance of getting razor burn. Just dip a cloth into the witch hazel and apply to those nasty bumps.  It will reduce swelling and redness.
  1. Sticky Stickers
    Here is another way to get those awful price stickers off your new product. But it also works on wood!  Got any little gems at home who decide to decorate their closet door with stickers?  Saturate a cotton ball with witch hazel and apply to the sticker remnants.  Hold it on the sticky stuff for about 2 minutes, then just scrape it gently to remove.
  1. Puppy Ears long ear beagle
    During the summer months, our dogs are more prone to ear infections. My dog is a hound and those long, floppy ears hold moisture and can be a problem. To avoid those infections, just dip a cotton ball into the witch hazel and gently wipe the inside of the pup’s ears about twice a month.  The witch hazel will loosen any wax buildup so it comes out easily.

These are just a few ways witch hazel comes to the rescue in our home.  That is why we always have a large bottle at all times.  It is cheaper than any commercial fix for these instances and uses no chemicals!

Do you already use witch hazel?  Share your ideas with us please.

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