7 Ways To Recycle Grocery Bags

7 Ways to Recycle Grocery Bags

plastic grocery bags

No I don’t live on the streets and have all my worldly possessions in a bag. What I do have are many ways to recycle those paper and plastic bags you have accumulated. I also use different sizes of food storage bags and large trash bags.

I have some tips on using brown bags, grocery plastic bags and the food storage bags. I use them to:

  • clean a clogged shower-head
  • clean my grill
  • get candle wax off carpeting
  • hanging a mirror
  • turn a closet into a cedar closet
  • avoid “gasoline” hands
  • avoid paint splatters

I will give you the instructions on the ideas above to get you started.

Clogged Showerhead

If it will not come apart, fill a food storage bag with white vinegar. Wrap the filled bag around the showerhead and attach it with a rubber band. Let it sit overnight. In the morning the showerhead should come loose, but test it first. The mineral deposits may have dissolved and opened up the showerhead. and you won’t have to take it off!

Grill Rack

Loosen gunked on food off your grill rack easily. Place it in a trash bag. Mix 1 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup ammonia and pour over rack. Close the bag. Let it sit overnight. Scrub and rinse well the next day. Wear rubber gloves.

Candle Wax

Before it hardens, lay a brown paper bag over the wax and apply an iron on a medium setting (no steam). If needed, place a fresh section of the bag over the wax and iron again. Most, if not all, will be absorbed into the paper bag.

Hang a Mirror

Trace around the mirror on a paper grocery bag. Cut out the shape and tape to wall. When you have it in the right spot, mark on the wall where the nail should go!

Making a Cedar Closet

Fill a large food storage bag with cedar chips (I get mine from the pet store). Seal the bag and then poke SMALL holes all over both sides. Hang it in your closet.

No Gasoline Smell

When filling gas tanks for lawnmowers, snow blowers, tillers etc, you can avoid the gas smell on your hands. Just slip a plastic grocery bag over each hand before you pump the gas or pour it into small spots.

Paint Splatters

Protect fans and light fixtures when painting by covering them with a plastic grocery bag.

This should get you started on using some of those extra grocery bags!

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