8 Warnings Using Essential Oils

Advice to Save You Problems drop of water

There are so many advantages to using Essential Oils in your life.  It can be used in soaps, lip balms, air fresheners and medicinally.  It is a good practice to get oils that are real oils and not synthetic oils.  (See my original Post)!

Once you begin purchasing oils and using them, there are some very important things to avoid.

Here is a simple list to help keep your oils pure, safe and avoid problems in the future.

  • Use a ceramic spoon to stir oils.
  • Always use glass containers when adding “internal” oils into water to drink. The oil will deteriorate a plastic or Styrofoam cup.
  • Beware of getting near your eyes or ears.essential oil bottles
  • Handle bottles with care and don’t touch the top of bottle with your hands, no matter how clean.
  • Always keep your “internal” oils in a separate area as your “Topical” oils. They are not interchangeable and can cause serious side effects if you ingest a Topical oil.
  • Know which oil you are using. Some can be mixed with water, but others must be mixed with a carrier oil, such as jojoba.
  • Wash hands thoroughly to remove any oil just used. If you have an Essential Oil on your fingers and try typing on a regular keyboard, the oil will dissolve the letters and numbers!
  • Never allow your Essential Oils to see sunlight! Keep in cool, dark place. I keep mine in a box in one of my craft drawers.  Easy to access and they are away from the light.

Working with Essential Oils is not hard, but if you want to keep them pure and clean, you need to follow these tips.

I prefer Rocky Mountain Oils from Amazon because they not only give the Latin name, but the part of the plant.  They state they will soon have the source of the plants on their website as well.

Are there any warnings you heed when using your oils?  Please share them.





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