A New Way to Think About Home Fixes

14 Home Solutions


Whether you are handy or not, things need to be repaired at home.  Some things are intricate and you need a licensed professional.  For everything else, here are some tips to do quick fixes, without purchasing a lot of different commercial products.

Just look in your cupboards and all your DIY projects can be fixed.

Here is a list of 14 quick-fix things to get you started.

Clean rusty garden shears rusty garden sheers

Soak shears in white vinegar overnight.  Wipe with steel wool in the morning, rinse in water and dry thoroughly.

Wood Scratches

Mix equal parts lemon juice and vegetable oil.  Rub into scratch using a soft cloth.  Repeat until scratches are gone.

Squeaky Door

Spray hinges with cooking spray and let dry.  The oil will lubricate the hinges and be quiet again.

Stainless Steel or Copper Sink Stains stainless steel sink, scratched but easy to fix

Combine lemon juice and salt until the thickness of toothpaste.  Apply to sinks and fixtures.  Rinse with water.

Furniture Polish

Mix ¼ cups lemon juice with ½ cup vegetable oil.  Apply to wood furniture with soft cloth, a little at a time.  Store in glass jar with tight lid.  Lasts for 2 months.

Flower Vase Stains flowers in vases on deck

Drop 2 Denture tablets into the vase with water.  Let sit for an hour, stir and rinse.

Mineral Deposits on Faucets

Sponge on lemon juice.  Let it soak in and then scrub with soft cloth.

Clean a Grater cheese and grater

Cut a lemon in half and rub the pulp side on both surfaces of your grater.  The sticky residue from soft food and cheeses will come off instantly.

DIY Drain Cleaner

Pour ½ cups baking soda down a drain, followed by 1 cups distilled white vinegar.  When the foaming ends, rinse with hot water.  Works really well on garbage disposals.

Carpet and Vacuum Cleaner Smells

Add baking soda to your vacuum cup or bag to get rid of smells.

Sticky Zipper  red zipper

To loosen a sticky zipper, rub any type of non-colored lip balm up and down the length of zipper.  Open and close zipper a few times to move the balm into the zipper.

Humidifier Odors

Get rid of stale odors by adding 4 teaspoons of lemon juice to water in your humidifier.

Scuff Marks

To remove scuff marks on vinyl or linoleum floors, rub white toothpaste into a mark and wipe with a damp cloth.  If it is particularly tough, add a little baking soda to the toothpaste.

Fluttering Ceiling Fan ceiling fan

Just when you are trying to fall asleep, all you can hear (and concentrate on) is your unbalanced ceiling fan.    Here is an easy fix:

  • Be sure fan is off
  • Attach a clothespin to one blade.
  • Turn fan on to slow.
  • If it still wobbles, take off the clothespin and put it on the next blade, and so on.

Once you find the blades spin evenly, you have found the unbalanced blade.

To fix: tape one coin at a time on top of the blade.  Add or subtract coins until the blade stops wobbling.  Then glue those coins to the top of that blade.

Do you have any DIY tricks to fix things around your house?  Leave a comment to share with others.


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