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Handy Hints for Lemons

Lemons are used to put into tea, squeeze over fish, and zest into salad dressings. But did you know there are about a hundred more uses for this little fruit?Handy tips for lemons

  • Strengthen finger nails – Soak your fingers in lemon juice for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. This helps strengthen and brighten the nails.
  • Soften calluses – rub feet, hells and elbows with half of a lemon
  • Curb appetite – Mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice with 1 tablespoon safflower oil. Take before each meal.
  • Cold sore – dab a little lemon juice on the sore. It acts as an astringent and promotes healing
  • Hiccups – cut off a small slice of lemon (without peel). Place it under your tongue and suck once. Hold the juice for 10 seconds, then swallow the juice.

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Don’t Miss Any Deals

How is it that your friends tell you about a great sale they got on clearance sale signlinens, hair products, electronics and more after the sale is over? How did they luck out and catch the best discount?

I will let you in on a little known secret. Stores put items on sale at specific times of the year. They do this to avoid inventory before tax time, before the new lines come in and when sales are normally lower. Read More→

The Power’s Out – Now What?

Have you ever experienced an ice storm where everyone in your neighborhood has lost power? It may be cold up here in Wisconsin, but after an ice storm, you can store food in sealed containers in your garage for awhile. (trying to be positive).

Any electrical storm can take out a junction box in your neighborhood. With no electricity, there are no lights, no heat, no microwave, no stove. What do you do? Read More→

Danger in the Grocery Aisles

No, I’m not talking about people who are dangerous, or that no hormones signimpatient person pushing their cart 90 mph down the frozen food aisle. I’m talking about the additives being put in our food. I am not getting on a soap box, but I do ask you to keep an open mind.

There are more chemicals being put into the U.S. food than in any other country. Which makes perfect sense to me why we have the largest population who has problems with diabetes and obesity.

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Are You Ready?

CERT trainingOver the past several years, our environment and weather has been changing. Storms are getting severe and coming more frequently. Last year a nearby neighborhood was evacuated because a train carrying severe chemicals overturned. It was safer to leave than to stay.

Other episodes have happened over the country where chemical plants, truck trailers and trains have had leaks. In those cases people needed to stay home and follow specific instructions to avoid the toxic air.

On any given day your emergency personnel may be consumed in chaos and live-saving scenarios on one side of town. If a problem occurs on your side of town, will there be emergency personnel available to help? If they can’t get there due to downed power lines (electric storm or tornado), what will you do?

Many cities throughout the United States are gearing up for just those situations. If you want to be able to help your family when your own disaster arises but no one can get to you, you need to join CERT. This stands for Community Emergency Response Team. You can voluntarily attend CERT training in one weekend, for nominal cost and sometimes for free.

It will train you on basic life saving skills, how to set a splint, how to turn off electricity, how to turn off gas and even how to use a fire extinguisher. Basic things, but all very important in an emergency.

In Washington County, WI the local volunteer center supports this program. It has skilled trainers, law enforcement and fire fighters teaching the classes. If you only learn it to help your family, you could save a life. If you have two people on your block who are trained, you are a team and can help each other.

I’m not saying you will go rogue and start pulling people from burning buildings. Your training will tell you when this training can go outside of your own family’s needs.

Check out the FEMA website to learn more. Find a training site near you so your family will have peace of mind.

I am CERT trained and a trainer. It only took 21 hours to learn many protocols and helpful information. I now carry a hard hat, light, gloves, vest and emergency kit in my car. I am not looking to randomly find someone who needs help. I want that backpack with me at all times so it is there if I need it, my co-workers need it or my family.

It’s more than a first aid course. It’s better.

Family Remedies

Is there really only one season for coughs and colds? My family seems to get them year round. I really am not stingy, but I hate buying cough drops, cough syrups and such only to have them expire the week before the next person gets sick!family remedies image of sick penguin

I have found several cures and remedies from family members, homeopaths and nutritionists. I have used most, if not all and found they did just as well as the pricey store brands. Read More→