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Learn How to Use Leeks

How to Clean and Use Leeks Leeks and soup pot

If you’ve never had a leek, you are missing out on a very delicious taste.  Leeks may be used in place of scallions or onions, in my opinion.  My daughter first introduced me to leeks with her homemade chicken soup.  What a difference that made.

Whether you grow your own or purchase them from the market, there are some simple rules to keep them fresh and ready to use.  They are simple, quick and will make a better recipe when followed.  Recipes found below.

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How to Create Great Spice Rubs in Minutes

DIY Dry Rubs Spice bottles for dry rubs

It is winter in Wisconsin and we still grill outside.  If you are not that brave, you can still use these rubs to use on your inside grill.

We eat a lot of chicken, so spice rubs give a nice variety to each meal to give it a different taste.  Dry rubs will give your meat/fish a light cover of seasoning that will be seared into the meat/fish for a really nice taste.

Just measure, mix and rub.  Refrigerate meat/fish for at least 30 minutes before grilling.

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Easy Cranberry Sauce

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

There is nothing easier than making your own, fresh cranberry sauce.  Most, if not all ingredients are already in your kitchen.  This quick recipe beats the pants off the jelly canned version and is so much healthier!

This recipe makes 2 pints and takes less than 30 minutes to make.  I found this on the internet and tried it last year.  The family loved it.  Sorry, but I don’t know who to give credit to.  If you created this quick recipe, drop me a line and I will update with your credit.


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10 Easy Halloween Party Appetizers

Easy, Quick and Kid-Helping Friendly Halloween Moon

It always happens over Halloween.  Football, friends and fun.  Why not enjoy the game or the party with these wonderfully creative appetizers.  I found most of these easy to make so you are ready in plenty of time before guests arrive.

Most of these recipes are kid friendly and they can even help in the preparation.

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How to Keep Your Campers Happy

recipe card

If you Love Camping, You’ll love these Recipes

No one likes to cook big meals once they are at the campground.  It is a time to spend outside with family and friends in the beauty of the nature around you.  However, after a long day of playing the tribe gets hungry.  Here are two recipes to feed your beasts in the early morning and late evening faster they you can make a sandwich! You just need to put a few ingredients together before you leave for the weekend.

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Easy Corn Relish Recipe

Option to Make a Batch and Can

Canning jars with lids, canner or pot in a kitchen setting

I have come to love canning.  At first I thought it was old fashioned and time consuming.  Then I planted a vegetable garden.  Wow was I overwhelmed with food!  I went out in early August and purchased a pressure canner with all the extras (lucky for me that was a great time because everything was on sale!)

Now I not only do canning in fall, I can all year round.  When I find a good buy on fruits and vegetables, that compare greatly with fresh garden types, I buy in bulk and can it.  I am particular in where I buy my vegetables, and when I get a local farmer giving a good deal on a Sunday Farmers Market, right before they close, I am ecstatic.

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