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Why It Pays to Can Tomatoes

Preserve Tomatoes by Stewing

canned stewed tomatoes

Even my little garden produces more tomatoes than we can eat during harvest time.  This is why I usually can them.  I tried freezing them, following close instructions, but they were only good when pureed in a soup or stew.  I could have saved time and money by just canning them.

You will need a pressure canner for this project.

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Are Your Groceries Tainted?

Marketplace Fakes

Grocery store aisle

Did you know that everything from canned goods to fresh fruits and vegetables can be tainted?  There is a way to find out easily where your groceries are coming from, unless you are buying them from a trusted farmer, that is.

I live in Wisconsin and whatever I did not freeze, can or dehydrate needs to be purchased from a store.

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Best Way to a Quick Meal

Spring Slow Cooker Meals

Cookbook held open, with wisk

It is still chilly and wet here in the Midwest.  Once in a while I know I will be having a busy day so I turn to my Slow Cooker to put a meal together in the morning and be ready when I get home in the evening.

I do any cleaning and chopping of vegetables the night before and put any spices out on the counter for the morning.  If meat needs to be seared first, I also do that the night before.  Everything goes into the refrigerator until morning.

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Are Your Crackers Safe?

Commercial versus Homemade

Homemade Crackers

There is nothing so comforting than a nice homemade bowl of soup with crackers.  The problem is getting a cracker that is not loaded with fats, sugars and chemicals.  So, I make my own.

What? How bad could those crackers be?  Very bad and this is so cheap and easy you will try it once and use it over and over again.

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The Nature of Great Broth

What Makes for a Really Good Broth?

Vegetable Stock on Pot

How often have you found a great looking recipe to find that you don’t have any broth or clear soup on hand?  I found that using stock or broth makes the dish better tasting and appealing.

Buying canned or cartons of broth is not too expensive, but why buy it when you can make it?  It is really easy and you can do other things while it is “cooking” on the stove;  (stay in the house and check on it for safety reasons).

You can make broth from leftover vegetables and water!  Every time we have some “scraps” of vegetables, I throw them in a container in my refrigerator.  When it gets to about 4 cups, I know I am ready to make some vegetable broth.


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Why Focus On Power Foods

Easy Treats to Keep You Healthy

Power Foods

There is a lot of information on the Internet about “Power Foods”.  I wanted to give you a list of those foods I use and have helped me.  I have a sluggish thyroid and what I eat makes a difference in all aspects of my life.

These suggestions are easy, fast and inexpensive.  You can make up packets ahead of time and throw them in your purse or car for a healthy alternative for a sweet craving or snack.  Some are good for breakfast too!

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