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Saving Rain Water Considerations

Rain Water Pre-Planning

scales of justice

I live in Wisconsin, so we have been lucky not to experience the type of draught the west has endured these past couple of years.  That does not mean it can’t happen here.

I was thinking about installing a rain water system, but where do you start?  There are a lot on the market, many that you can do yourself and some that look great and others that look downright ugly.

First and foremost: Know your municipality’s rainwater rules (or your state). Looks are not what is important though.  You need to know if it is allowed in your municipality.  Yes, believe it or not, some places don’t want you to use rain catchment systems, even if they are totally hidden.  Apparently (just my thoughts) they can’t get as much sewer and water taxes from me if I use one.

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Prepare Now For Fall Garden

Make Your Own Cold Frame

cold frame

Here in Wisconsin, not much grows in winter, but I have found that I can start my seedlings in March instead of the end of May with a cold frame.

Making one of these contraptions is easier than you think, and it can even be done on the cheap!

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Harvest Herbs For Future

Dehydrating Herbs


Summer is in full swing, however my herbs are coming in faster than I can eat them or give them away.  My first line of defense is to dehydrate them.  It takes a little time, but will save  you so much money.  Dried herbs in the store are very expensive and you already paid for the herbs in your garden, so why not use them?

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The True Identity of Invasive Weeds

Garden Weeds


Weeds are inevitable whenever you have a garden.  There are ways to curb them, but you can’t get them all.

Sometimes it is hard to tell a new weed from a new plant.  Here is a list of plants and images to help with your identification.

These are weeds relative to the mid-west.  Each part of the country has it’s own specific weeds and may be found on the website.

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Why Your Spices Need Help

Growing Herbs for Fresh Taste

collection of herbs for you design

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can grow herbs.  These wonderful plants can provide fresh, healthy alternatives to dried herbs.  Each has a place in cooking, but besides better taste, fresh herbs provide more health benefits.

Some herbs grow well in pots on our windowsill or under a grow light, while others do better in an outside environment.  Some herbs can be grown both inside and out!

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Season Veggies – Salt Your Garden

Epsom Salts for your Garden

Epsom Salt Bag

You use Epsom Salts for achy feet and joints in a good tub soak.  How can it be useful for your garden?

Epsom salts is loaded with magnesium and sulfate, giving your plants the nutrition they need to grow.


  • Dissolve 3 cups of Epsom salt in water, adding water slowly.
  • Pour solution onto the base of your plants to fully soak the soil.

This solution may be used on fruits, vegetables and any landscape plants.  Check with your gardening store if you have hydrangea’s as this may change their color, depending on the variety.

I use this in my garden, but especially for my tomatoes and peppers.  This increases the sweetness of the tomatoes and the size of the peppers.