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New to Gardening?

News for Novice and Experienced Gardeners

raised garden beds

As a new gardener it is easy to get out and begin planting everything as soon as you can.  This is a novice mistake.  Gardens take a bit of planning.

First you need to know:

  • what area of the country you are in and when the last frost will be.
  • You need to know where you will be planting, in direct sun, partial shade or total shade?
  • What will you be planting?  Vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers?


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Mosquito Repelling Plants

Protect Your Family and Pets

Beware Mosquito

Now is the time to start planning our gardens.  If you have the ability to start from seed, these are easy plants to grow outside.

I am fortunate to have a garden center that sells not only flowers, but organic plants and herbs, as well.  I have no room to grow seeds anywhere in my home (north facing windows, small basement, etc).  So I opt for getting these plants as seedlings and planting them in pots and gardens around my deck and patio.


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Why Your Garden Should Include Herbs

Growing Herbs Isn’t Hard

collection of herbs for you design

Find yourself constantly buying dried spices and herbs?  Do you have some on your shelf for years and still not using them? I used to because I purchased the largest jar/bottle I could afford and then used it for only 1 or 2 recipes.

Spices and herbs are extremely expensive, especially if you buy organic.  I know I can’t afford to waste money on these little bits of taste just to let their taste and benefits evaporate in my cupboard.  There is an alternative

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Pretty Weeds are a Danger

Terrestrial Invasive species – Regulated plants


Honeysuckle weedInvasive plants are found throughout the world. Some look very pretty and are often used in flower arrangements. This is not a good thing. When you are in amongst invasive species, they can leave with you even if you did not pick any of them. They stick to your shoes, socks, slacks and anything you lie down next to them. Read More→

Spring Planting

After scouring seed catalogs and garden vegetable gardencenters a spring garden can’t be far behind. Planting a garden take a little bit of planning, but is worth the time for a great harvest.


Here are 3 easy tips to keep in mind:

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Planning A Garden

seed catalogs

Spring is almost here.  Planning a garden begins with seed catalogs.

During the time between February and March I begin planning our garden.  Here in Wisconsin I won’t be planting outside until the end of May.

Review Seed Catalogs

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