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How to Create Jewelry Cleaner in Minutes

DIY Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Women's jewelry
I have been using this DIY cleaner for the last several years and love it. So far it has worked on all types of jewelry. It is natural and therefore I don’t have to worry about it wreaking havoc on even some of my less expensive pieces.

I have spent more than I want to comment on for jewelry cleaners. As I make a lot of my own jewelry, I have a lot of it. To keep it clean and sanitized takes only a bit of time, but a lot of money for commercial cleaners.

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Do You Clean Like Mom?

Cleaning As Cheap as Mom

jar of borax and jar of washing soda

I remember my mother and grandmother always had a box of Fels Naptha, a bar of Lava soap and a container of 20 Mule Team Borax.   They believed in cleaning naturally.

I have a number of ways to use Borax that will be just as fast and less expensive than commercial brands.

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Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut Oil Uses

coconut oil and fresh coconuts

I am sure you know about, heard about or read an article about coconut oil. The first time I purchased a jar I was surprised to see it was hard! This was not the “oil” I was thinking of for cooking.

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7 Ways To Recycle Grocery Bags

7 Ways to Recycle Grocery Bags

plastic grocery bags

No I don’t live on the streets and have all my worldly possessions in a bag. What I do have are many ways to recycle those paper and plastic bags you have accumulated. I also use different sizes of food storage bags and large trash bags.

I have some tips on using brown bags, grocery plastic bags and the food storage bags. I use them to:

  • clean a clogged shower-head
  • clean my grill
  • get candle wax off carpeting
  • hanging a mirror
  • turn a closet into a cedar closet
  • avoid “gasoline” hands
  • avoid paint splatters

I will give you the instructions on the ideas above to get you started.

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Essential Oil Basics

Sampling of Essential Oil bottles

assortment of essential oil bottles

Are you a fan of essential oils? Have you heard about them but don’t know why anyone uses them?

I used to think they were just expensive scents that I could get much cheaper in a room spray. They are so much more.

Most of you have heard of aromatherapy. So they light up some candles, dim the lights and this will heal you? Yeah right. Boy was I surprised to learn this is nothing like true aromatherapy and the use of essential oils.

Real essential oils are used to heal the body and the mind. No really. These little bottles of sometimes rare herbs and spices, can make you more alert, curb your appetite, stop the sniffles and more.

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Useful Bling

I love to have some bling in my life, doesn’t everyone? Well for me aluminum foil rollthat “bling” is aluminum foil. This is not just a wrap for leftovers, it is a household wonder. It can be used to remove rust spots, fix a broken spring, help guide a screw and so much more.

Car Care

Rust spots – Scrub chrome bumper with popular “brown” soda; Take a small sheet of aluminum foil and crumble it up. Scrub rust with foil scrub. Works on battery terminals too.

Oil Drips – Make a “pan” out of extra strength aluminum foil to catch any oil drips when you work on the car. Flatten a cardboard box, cover with aluminum foil and duct tape it together.

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