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Keep Your Pets Safe

Make Your Pet Comfortable Naturally  family remedies image of sick penguin

Thanks to, who assembled this list.  I am just sharing with all.  Original post:

This list are suggestions from around the Internet  on how to help your pet stay healthy, get healthy and stay safe.  We all want our pets to have the best, now you can see how you can help keep your fur baby from getting sick or getting healthier faster!

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Is That Poisonous To My Dog?

Poisonous Fruits for Pets

fruit in water

It seems naturally to many pet owners to feed their beloved pets their human food.  This is not a good thing.  Although you love your pet as a family member, they don’t have the same digestive system as a human.
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How To Take Control Of Your Pet’s Health

Coconut Oil For Pets

sad puppy

We covered some of the uses of coconut oil in an earlier blog ( ways to use coconut oil/).  The uses of this inexpensive oil go far beyond people and household tips.

Coconut oil has many applications for your pets.  Because it is an antibacterial, anti-fungal and even an antiseptic, it is a natural for healthy living.

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Dog have an Itch?

Dry Skin Remedy for Pets

Puppy and kitten and guinea pig

It is winter and just like our skin gets dry, so does your dog’s. They need to have that moisture and oils put back into their coat and skin.

If you don’t pre-treat for dry skin, your dog can get hot spots from scratching, which can lead to infections.  Tips and recipes are found at end of blog.

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