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7 Ways to use Witch Hazel

first aid kitWitch Hazel to the Rescue

That clear liquid we often find in our Mother or Grandmother’s home under the sink or in their bathroom.  What is it for?  Why would someone need it?  I’ve compiled a list of a few of its uses.  Just be sure to get the Alcohol Free version.

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4 Ways to Save Money

DIY Alternatives to Expensive Commercial Brands

foot soak

Saving time and money is great, but wait to see how easy these 4 “fixes” will be.  I believe in eliminating chemicals in my home whenever I can.  Sometimes it is so easy, it makes me wonder why I have been paying those high prices in department stores.

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Is Your Dryer Killing You?

Dryer Sheets Have Carcinogens

puppy in clothes basket

I have read that dryer sheets can be cancerous.  It may be true, it may not, but personally I don’t want to take that chance.  After all, it is just a cloth with many chemicals and a fragrance.

Dryer sheets are also expensive, so I always opt for making something myself.  This one is fast and easy and cheap!

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Do You Clean Like Mom?

Cleaning As Cheap as Mom

jar of borax and jar of washing soda

I remember my mother and grandmother always had a box of Fels Naptha, a bar of Lava soap and a container of 20 Mule Team Borax.   They believed in cleaning naturally.

I have a number of ways to use Borax that will be just as fast and less expensive than commercial brands.

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Easy Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract

Vanilla beans with flower

I know you can buy vanilla extract in the store. But once you have tasted this recipe, you will never go back. Not only does it eliminate all chemicals and taste better, it is cheaper than the commercial brands. It takes only minutes to make!*

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Quick Fix for Stuffy Nose

Ways To Cope With a Stuffy Nose

Woman with handerchief and red nose

Being cooped up in winter is common in the northern climates. Many germs and bacteria take hold if you are not careful and washing your hands regularly.

It seems no matter how hard you try, inevitably someone in the family comes down with a stuffy nose. The dry air in the home only adds to this and can take a stuffy nose into a sinus infection or worse.

The best way to thwart winter colds and stuffy noses is to build up your immune system ahead of time.


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