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8 Warnings Using Essential Oils

Advice to Save You Problems drop of water

There are so many advantages to using Essential Oils in your life.  It can be used in soaps, lip balms, air fresheners and medicinally.  It is a good practice to get oils that are real oils and not synthetic oils.  (See my original Post)!

Once you begin purchasing oils and using them, there are some very important things to avoid.

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Best Way to Eliminate Plaque

Sometimes Flossing is Not Enough

3 colorful toothbrushes

I am all for anything natural.  I brush 2-3 times a day and floss regularly (sometimes not as much as my Dentist prefers).  I have always had a lot of plaque even with my oral hygiene regimen.

So to cut down on my plaque, I use this simple recipe.  I make it up ahead of time with only 3 ingredients!

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The Only Hair Products That Work

Master Frizzy Hair in 2 Steps

woman applying hair mask

In this cold, spring season my hair becomes dry and frizzy.  I have found a way to keep it soft and manageable all year long.  I make my own hair mask and hair spray.  No chemicals and the results are wonderful.

It is easy, fast and inexpensive!  All three things I strive for in my DIY projects!

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Get Fresh With Your Mouth

Why It’s Time to Prioritize Your Mouth

3 colorful toothbrushes

I have sensitive teeth and have always used a name brand toothpaste to help alleviate the cold and hot sensations when eating.

Unfortunately this is expensive, not to mention filled with chemicals. As a thyroid patient, I need to go as natural as possible, and so far it is working for me.

Here are some recipes that are inexpensive and easy to make. The only investment I suggest making is a re-usable toothpaste tube. I got mine from Amazon.   There are a number that you can use. I like GoToob by HumanGear because it is food-safe, easy to fill and is easy to squeeze out.

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