Easy Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract

Vanilla beans with flower

I know you can buy vanilla extract in the store. But once you have tasted this recipe, you will never go back. Not only does it eliminate all chemicals and taste better, it is cheaper than the commercial brands. It takes only minutes to make!*

This easy recipe takes 6 months to cure, so start now and have some wonderful gifts by the end of summer!


  • Vodka – Use a good one (not most expensive) because it can affect taste
  • Vanilla beans– I use 6-7 beans per quart jar


  • Cut the beans lengthwise
  • Cut them into 2 pieces per bean (about 3″ each piece)
  • Put beans into glass quart-size mason jar (or other good sealing glass container)
  • Pour vodka over beans, to top of container.


*This process takes 6 months to cure in a quart size jar. You can speed up the time by splitting this up into ½ pint jars, which will take only 2 months to cure.

The longer it sits, the better it gets because the vanilla beans won’t go bad. These make great year-round gifts once they are cured!

Good Note: You can remove the beans after the vanilla has cured and make another batch! As the beans were previously cured, you will need to double the cure time for this second batch, but this 2nd batch will be cost effective.

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