Essential Oil Truths

Getting the Real Oils

Selection of certified essential oils

Most everyone has heard something about essential oils. It is all over the Internet and in commercials. Just like with everything else, however, there are a lot of imposters.

Some people confuse fragrance oils with essential oils. Fragrance oils have no medicinal or beneficial attributes, except for their scent. These are good to put into potpourri or a diffuser.

If you want to really benefit from oils, you need a credible essential oil. In the U.S. there is no discernible difference or standard, so you really need to know what to look for so you don’t pay top dollar for just a fragrance oil.

Here are things I look for when purchasing oils

  • Reputable dealer with information about the oil and its origin
  • The plant name should always be on the label to state where the oil originated, including botanical name
  • Clear information of how the plant was farmed; organic or conventional
  • Which plant part were the oils taken from
  • What country was the plant grown and oil extracted
  • Cautions on specific oils that may have health ramifications if taken incorrectly
  • Company processing oils are members of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy organization ( This is an extra credit in my book, however there are good companies that have chosen not to be members.

This is a lot of information, so you need to do your homework before you buy. I use many oils to make bath salts, facial scrubs and toners. If it is going on my face, I want to be sure it is the real thing with no pollutants or chemicals added.

When you find a reputable dealer, you will notice a large difference in prices between oils, as you should. If everything is $7.99, you can probably assume these oils are not organic, pure and without chemicals, or just plain fragrance oils being sold at higher price of essential oils. Many of the essential oils I use in my Earth Mavin products are priced from $12 – $75 for only half an ounce! Most recipes only use a couple drops, others need 10-20 drops. It is worth the investment to get the true health benefits from the essential oils.

Some plants give off a large amount of oil, while others you can barely get an ounce from an entire plant. The first will be less expensive than the last as you need less plants to produce a larger amount of oil. You want to make sure you are buying a high quality, botanical oil as an essential oil.

Most legitimate essential oil dealers will let you know that their products are not mixed with synthetics. They should be stating they are tested using gas chromatographic analysis, the only way to be sure you are getting a pure oil.

Some oils will not work well until they are mixed with a carrier oil such a jojoba. Most people using essential oils do this themselves, however you can purchase a good essential oil that is already mixed. It should be clearly stated if the carrier oil is already added.

Most essential oils need to be diluted before going directly onto your skin. Doing this protects your skin from the full strength and possible reactions to the pure oil. Only Lavender and Tea Tree oils can be used directly on the skin (my opinion these are the safest for direct skin contact).

If a company advertises that you can use it full strength on your skin, and it has no carrier oils in it, I would stay far, far away from that company and its products.

Essential oils are not aromatherapy oils. Most high quality producers stay away from this term as it is so easily interchanged with plain fragrance oils.

As I don’t get paid by any company for their oils, I have compiled a list of those that I use the most.

Rose Mountain Herbs –

Eden Botanicals –

Amarita –


I am sure there are others, but these were the ones I began using years ago. I have continued to stay with them because of their strict requirements and certifications.




  1. I was surprised to read that not all oils are essential. I will be doing more research on this because I have many oils at home which dont have botanical name or where they are from. Thanks

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