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From time to time I get requests to post reviews of products from other Bloggers.  Check here to see what is new and how these items fared.





COLOR-GLIDE Pro Paint Applicator Tube GIVEAWAY

2 PEOPLE WILL WIN AN APPLICATOR TUBE!! Enter at Our Refuge and Strength Reviews  Giveaway runs from 7/4-7/11.

Applicator paint tubes are perfect for quick painting projects, creating holiday signs and quick and clean touch ups. The tubes may be filled with latex or poster paints for endless artistic fun without set up and cleanup hassles.

Color-Glide Pro products provide an easy to use system to rid your home of unsightly paint cans by using an applicator tube that was designed for quick painting jobs. Just use the paint transfer pump to fill the paint tube with your own favorite paints. Paint as you desire and then wipe the applicator clean then store the paint tube for a later project. It’s that easy. Paint applicator tubes make it easy to keep track of every color for every project and for each color in every room in your home home.



Only 5 Entries needed on Rafflecopter

This wonderful safety lock fits most cabinets and drawers. The magnetic key works on 1.5 inches thick cabinet door or drawer. Also, Make sure you have at least 1.8 inches of flat surface at the top of your cabinet.

* WHAT YOU GET – 4 keys and 1 magnetic lock that opens them all.
No screws or drilling needed. You get clear paper instructions as well as a link to an online instructional video.

Giveaway entries eligible only from 12:00AM 7/5 – 12:00AM 7/10

By: Rafflecopter (Only 5 entries)

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child's banana toothbrush

The Banana Toothbrush was a big hit with my 12 month old grandson. I gave him a demonstration by pretending to brush my teeth (outside of my mouth.) He took the brush and did his best to duplicate my example. Then he stood with it and gnawed the bristles of the brush; which didn’t bother me because the whole banana toothbrush is made from food grade Silicone and the bristles are softer than most regular toothbrushes. It’s durable & rubbery and makes the toothbrush an ideal teething material for babies. Additionally, its also hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria.

I had to pick it up off of the rug several times, but it was so easy to clean I was glad that I had given it to him. We practiced brushing his teeth a few times during the day and I appreciated how the toothbrush was designed. It was easy for my grandson to hold. I know that he will let his mom use the brush to clean his teeth.

The Banana Toothbrush is not only for toddlers, the bendable training toothbrush is made for babies, infants, toddlers or even for a small pet. If you are in the market for a training toothbrush, you can find go to Amazon for the Banana Toothbrush.


Post by: Marcia Lee at Our Refuge and Strength Reviews



photo of baby lock system

I have been looking at all kinds of gadgets to keep our 1 year old grandson safe when he is at our house. We especially need to keep him out of our lower kitchen cabinets. When I saw that I could exchange an honest review for the Baby Safety Invisible Lock set and give my readers a set in a giveaway I was elated. Not only would I get a chance to try out a lock system, the invisible lock set was my first choice.

I watched a well done YouTube video to learn how to install the lock and I went to work. Which is really not an appropriate word to use when putting the lock set into a cabinet. There is barely any work involved. If you sew or dabble with carpentry and can eyeball a half inch, you won’t need a measuring tape. The only other item that is required is a pencil so that you can line up the latch and lock. No nails, hammers, screws, screwdrivers, levels, etc. are needed for installation.

The pieces all have adhesive on them andphoto of baby lock attached to door you are advised to not use too much force to put them on so that if you are off by a little, you can take the piece off and reposition it. They show a cabinet with a “ceiling” that will catch the latch. That’s where it got slightly complicated for me. We don’t have that, we only a what I would call a lip running across the cabinet on the inside. But it was almost as wide as the piece that goes into the cabinet needed. I did have to reposition 3 times and it is still holding and working well. There is nothing on the outside of the cabinet and I’m sure are grandson will wonder why he can no longer open the doors. Just keep wondering buddy. It takes a magnetic “key” to open the connection inside the cabinet. It works on 1.5 inch thick cabinet doors or drawers.

I love the way it works and am happy to be giving one set away to one of my followers. So enter the giveaway and if you win, you can use the Baby Safety Invisible Lock for your cabinets, or give it away as a gift. To everyone else, you can find the set on Amazon.


Post by: Marcia Lee at Our Refuge and Strength Reviews