Homemade is Better

There are so many items we purchase regularly for our house. Many potpourriitems help us clean, refresh and make our homes smell good. Unfortunately most of these products are laden with chemicals that can harm us and our pets.

So today I thought I would offer some simple alternatives that are easy and inexpensive to make.



Potpourri – If you have flower beds, this one is perfect, but if you know a florist who regularly tosses old and wilted flowers (and will let you take them), this is ideal.

Dry your flower tops and buds with corn starch. Put the flowers in a box. Add 3 parts 20 Mule Team Borax with 10 parts corn meal. Cover the flowers completely with the mixture and let them sit 2 weeks.

Once they are dry, store them in a food storage bag. You can do this with small pinecones you find on walks.

Add bay leaves, cloves a cinnamon stick and a few drops of cinnamon oil to the bag. Keep the bag sealed for a few weeks, then add the potpourri to pretty bowls around your house.

Carpet Cleaner – Corn starch is a great substitute for expensive carpet cleaners. Just add a few extra ingredients.

In a large bowl mix 32 ounces of either corn starch or baking soda with 20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix thoroughly. Spoon into a clean, dry Parmesan cheese shaker. Sprinkle on carpet, wait 30 minutes and then vacuum. NOTE: Great gift idea. You can pick up a Parmesan or similar shaker at the dollar or thrift store, add a fancy label with directions to use and give to a friend!

Houseplant Food – Now that we are inside for winter, I truly appreciate all my inside plants. Keeping them nourished and moist in a dry house is crucial for their survival. Here’s a recipe to do just that.

1 tsp. baking powder           1/2 tsp. ammonia

1 Tbsp. Epsom salts            1 tsp. Morton salt

1 gallon water

Store in a spray bottle, but shake well before using. Spray the soil once a month.


Do you have any homemade and natural fixes you use around your house?

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