Is Your Dryer Killing You?

Dryer Sheets Have Carcinogens

puppy in clothes basket

I have read that dryer sheets can be cancerous.  It may be true, it may not, but personally I don’t want to take that chance.  After all, it is just a cloth with many chemicals and a fragrance.

Dryer sheets are also expensive, so I always opt for making something myself.  This one is fast and easy and cheap!

Here is the fast way to make these sheets.  You won’t believe how many you can make in a short amount of time FOR PENNIES!

Items Needed:

  • 1/2 cup of white vinegar
  • 6 drops essential oil
  • Cotton cloths (I use old sheets and pillow cases)
  • Flat, sealed containers (I use small, cleaned, plastic containers I get from friends and neighbors).  I don’t eat processed food, so their free containers makes it easy.  You can also pick up some cheap containers at your Dollar Store


  • Cut material into small squares or rectangles (your preference)
  • Mix vinegar and oil in small container
  • Put material into a separate container
  • Slowly pour the vinegar and oil mixture over the material- DON’T SATURATE.  You just want them damp
  • Seal cloth container tightly

To Use:

Remove a sheet, wringing any excess liquid back into the container and toss into the dryer.

At end of dryer cycle, take out cloth and put back onto sealed container for future use.

I used to use wool dryer balls, but after a year they lose their scent and ability to cut down on static cling.  I still use the balls with a dryer sheet because they help move the clothes and cut down on dryer time.


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