Mosquito Repelling Plants

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Beware Mosquito

Now is the time to start planning our gardens.  If you have the ability to start from seed, these are easy plants to grow outside.

I am fortunate to have a garden center that sells not only flowers, but organic plants and herbs, as well.  I have no room to grow seeds anywhere in my home (north facing windows, small basement, etc).  So I opt for getting these plants as seedlings and planting them in pots and gardens around my deck and patio.


Here are just some choices:

Citronella Plant

Instead of burning candles and filling burning pots, why not just put the plant itself out?  It is a nice green, grass type plant and goes nicely when planted with marigolds.

This is a perennial so this can best be planted in a garden around a patio or deck.  It will save you money as this plant will come back year after year.  You can buy them directly from Amazon.  Check your planting area to see if you need to do anything special with it over winter.

This plant can grow to 5 feet, so keep that in mind when growing in pots.  I tend to cut mine cut lower in the pots.  This is a natural at repelling those pesky mosquitoes.

Lemon Balm

This is the next best plant other than Citronella.  Mosquitoes and most annoying flying insects do not like the smell of citrus.  Personally I love the scent and enjoy its fragrance when sitting and reading on the porch swing.  This plant is easy to grow and very hardy and best yet, it is shade tolerant.  My front porch is a dark abiss because of the big tree in front of the house (and the house faces north).

I would suggest growing this in a pot because if left to grow over seasons, it will take over your garden!


I always plant marigolds in my garden, and not because they are good at getting rid of flying pests.  I like the fact they are very sturdy little plants and can withstand a summer downpour without wilting!  It keeps its color a long time.  I use them in the border in the front of the house and in large pots with other flowers and greens in our sunny backyard.


I always try to grow fresh herbs; who knew it would repel mosquitoes?  As I have a lot of sun in my backyard, I set aside a plot just for my herbs and spices.  It’s nice because when I work in the vegetable garden, the basil helps keep them from biting me!


A beautiful plant that looks great and smells wonderful.  This is good in sunny and partial shade areas.  Its tall purple spikes look great in a back row of a garden or surrounding a deck on one side.  Then you can always dry it and make sachets!


This is a plant you need to contain.  Peppermint smells wonderful, but it can take over your garden and your entire yard if you are not careful.  I plant them in deep pots around my vegetable and herb garden to bolster the bug repelling effects with my basil.  Use this in summer drinks, salads and more.


This herb can be used in anything you cook, looks pretty as it flowers in a garden and is very good at keeping bugs at bay.  An additional bonus:  it attracts butterflies to your yard.  Butterflies not only look cute, they are effective at eating pests off your plants that don’t belong there.


I grown geraniums in hanging pots in my yard.  I love how they drape over the sides.  They are bulb plants, so here in Wisconsin I don’t plant them until sometime in late May.  Once they peek out of the soil, it only takes a couple weeks for them to start blooming.  They grow throughout the summer and produce flowers through early fall.  Again, a bonus to their beautiful flowers is the fact bugs don’t like them!

I hope these suggestions get you thinking about Spring and your garden plans.  Do you have any other plants you found useful to deter bugs?


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