Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

I love the warm sun and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. I imagine myself in a comfy lawn chair with a magazine on one side and a glass of homemade iced tea on the other. My daydreaming does not include bugs, however in warm weather they are all around us.

There are easy ways to keep pesky flies, wasps and ants at bay. Here are my first choice for deterrents:

AntsNatural Bug Deterrant

  • Put 2 tablespoons of yellow corn meal into a little pile, make 3-4 piles where you have seen the ants. They will bring it back to their nest for all to eat. They can’t digest it, so they will be gone in a week.
  • To deter ants coming into your home, pour dried coffee grounds in a line to the entrance to your doors and/or windows where they are coming in. This works as well as corn starch, vinegar and all-purpose flour. They won’t cross the line. If one does, the others won’t follow.

Bug Bites

  • Make a paste of 3 parts corn starch and 1 part lemon juice. You may need to add more juice to make the paste. Apply to bug bite or sting (after stinger is out).
  • Honey on a bug bite can stop the pain and the itch.
  • Insect bites or poison ivy – Mix 1 quart of milk, 2 tablespoons salt and ice. Apply with a cloth to the bit or rash 2 times a day for 20 minutes at a time.
  • Bee Sting – Drops of lime juice on the area (after stinger removed) will ease the pain.

Flying Insects

  • Get those pesky bugs before they get you. Mix 3 tablespoons garlic oil, 3 drops dish washing liquid in 1 quarter of water. Pour into spray bottle. Start spraying the area of the yard where you are going to be. I spray our deck and around it. I even spray the legs of my chaise lounge and chairs.


Simple but effective!  Have you tried any natural ways to keep bugs at bay?  Please share!

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