Patriotic Crafts

Patriotic Crafts

Patriotic Wreath

It is always fun to decorate for a holiday.  I especially like it when I can make one craft that I can use year-round or for several holidays.

These two crafts are perfect for multiple uses.  They will be ready in a few hours for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day!

One is a centerpiece and the other is a wreath.  They are both fun and easy to do.

Starburst Centerpiece

patriotic craft centerpiece

  • Items Needed:
  • Styrafoam© Ball
  • Metal Pail – small
  • 2 wood dowels -1/8″
  • red curling ribbon
  • Clear craft glue
  • Red, white and blue hard paper (or buy premade – two each red, white, blue small stars)
  • American Flag star (large)or Flag pinwheel
  • Block Styrafoam©


  • Clean outside of pail and let dry
  • Paint dowel white and let dry (optional)
  • Cut dowel into 4 parts, 3 – 3″ and 1 – 12″
  • Glue one white star to top of 3″ dowel, when dry glue the back (2nd white star) to the other white star
  • Cut Styrafoam© block in ½ and put into bottom of pail – scrape to fit narrow bottom of pail.patriotic craft centerpiece
  • Glue the red and blue stars to dowels as listed above
  • If you have purchased the flag star, do the same with the longer dowel. (I purchased a “flag” pinwheel for my project at the Dollar Store.)
  • Arrange small star dowels in front and into Styrafoam©. patriotic craft centerpiece
  • Place larger, taller flag star in the back and into the Styrafoam©.  As the pinwheel had a thicker dowel, I added an extra strip of Styrafoam© and glued the pinwheel dowel between the two pieces of Styrafoam©.patriotic craft centerpiece
  • Curl ribbon to fill pot and cover completely the Styrafoam© and most of dowels (I used shiny, red basket filler)

That’s it!  With drying times, it took me 3 hours total.


Patriotic Flag Wreath

Patriotic Wreath

This project if fun and easy.  I didn’t even glue the clothespins to the hoop! This can be used for all year decoration or for these holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day!

Items Needed:

55  wooden clothespins or Plastic (20 white, 20 red and 15 blue)
Outdoor latex paint or acrylic paint in red, white and blue (if you have plain wood clothespins)
8″ wide embroidery hoop
Small silver stars
Red Bow Ribbon – 16″ x 3″

Overall Directions:

  • Paint 15 clothespins blue or buy plastic blue pins
  • Paint 20 clothespins white or buy plastic white pins
  • Paint 20 clothespins red or buy plastic red pins
  • If painting clothespins, put on 2 coats of paint.
  • Clip clothes pins around hoopRed White and blue clothespins

Specific Directions

  • Clip all blue clothespins together in one section on hoop

start of clothespin wreath

  • Alternate clipping 3 red, then white clothespins around the rest of the hoop

patriotic craft wreath made from clothespins

  • Glue silver stars to blue clothespins randomly Wreath made from clothespins
  • Tie the red ribbon into a bow and glue to bottom of wreath (with blue section to the upper left)

That is it.  If you want it to hang outside, I suggest you glue the clothespins to the hoop.  Other than that, it is crazy easy to make!

Patriotic Wreath


I must admit I am not really good at making bows, so if bow-making is not for you, just buy a bow from any craft or dollar store!



    • The worst part was the bow for me. The clothespins were plastic, except for the red ones, which I ordered online. They are wood and a tad smaller than blue & white plastic, but I still like it. The wood clothespins might take time to paint, but they have a flat surface for gluing bow to (plastic has indentations).

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