Quick Summer Crafts

When I have the time, I love relaxing and working on crafts.  These 2 crafts can be done with the expert help of your children too.  However, I do suggest they be at least 8 years old.

Tropical Topiaries –

Easy table decorations and take home gifts for guests make these 2 projects a great summer afternoon go quickly.


Materials craft materials

  • 5/16″ x 12″ wood dowel
  • Green Acrylic Paint
  • Styrafoam block
  • 3″ Styrafoam balls (one for each pot)
  • Terra-cotta pot – 3″
  • Drink umbrellas in 2 matching colors (Amazon)
  • Double-sided tape


  • Paint dowel and let dry
  • Cut a 3″ round piece of Styrafoamstyrafoam added to pots
  • You will need to shave off the bottom so it fits into the narrow bottom of the pot
  • Put Styrafoam into pot


  • Remove the wooden pick from one umbrella, carefullypaper umbrella
  • Flatten the umbrella paper to cover the Styrafoam and stick to Styrafoam with tape
  • Push one end of the dowel into the Styrafoam and umbrella liner
  • Push one Styrafoam ball on top of the dowel (Do not try putting the umbrellas into the Styrafoam ball before adhering ball to dowel – this can crush and tear the umbrellas) – Yes, learned this the hard way!adding umbrellas to ball
  • Take a new umbrella and open half way. Press its pick into the Styrafoam ball.  Repeat until ball is covered.  This image shows what it looks like as it is being completed.


Doily LuminariesDoily Luminaries

I was lucky to stumble across a craft site that had these cute luminaries.  Amanda also has some kickin ideas for hundreds of crafts.  You can find this and other projects here: Crafts by Amanda


  • Glass jars in different sizes
  • Craft adhesive spray
  • Lace doilies (I found mine at a local thrift store)
  • Ribbons, twine or yarn


  • Wash and dry jars completely
  • Spray one doily with spray (one side only)

*  You can spray the jar first, however  you need to be sure you don’t have any dust particles (or dog/cat hair) that can cling to the jar.

  • Place the jar on top of the sprayed doily
  • Let doily dry for 4 hours (I went on to the next jar and put the first doily on all of them)
  • Attach another doily on the other side of the jar as instructed above

Note: You can use tea light candles, battery operated tea light candles or fill the entire jar with mini string lights that are battery operated.

  • Cut a ribbon, yarn, or twine and tie around top rim in a bow.  Cut to fit.
  • I then undo the ribbon and spray the rim with adhesive spray.  Then rewrap the ribbon, tie the bow and it will stick!


Hope you have fun with these two projects.  Let me know how your craft turned out.

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