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Saving Money with Mesh

citrus in mesh bag

I love to find ways to save money on commercial items.  Sometimes you just need to buy what you need.  I have found a few things to do with those mesh bags my grapefruit and oranges come in.  The key is not to cut the bag, but keep it in tact so you can use the draw strings.

It is a simple thing, but has so many uses.  Here are some of the ways I use them, but there so many more.




Once you have emptied the mesh bag, throw them into a pillow case, tie up the open end and wash them.  Let them hang to dry.

Usually these bags are orange, so I purchased some orange duct tape to help in these projects.  This helps when the draw string breaks or has to be cut because they knotted the item so tight!

  • Hang a bag in your room by the mirror.  Use it to store scrunchies and hair bows.
  • Carry beach toys, towels, etc
  • Carry tote for yarn.
  • Make a braid rug – cut into strips and braid.  Continue to do this with entire bag.  Sew each braid to another one until you have one long braid.  Lay braid flat and curl it around itself until you have a mat.  Sew the inside braid to first turn and last end of braid to last turn.  You may need to add some stitching to attach each circle.   It is great as a garage mat.
  • Make scrubbies – wad a portion of the bag and fasten together with either a plastic clip or rubber band.  This is great for non-stick pans.


If you are purchasing items in a mesh bag anyway, why not put the bag to good use?  Can you think of any other ways to use a mesh bag?


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