Summer Fun Crafts

Wine Cork Decor

I like wine.  There I said it.  Because I like wine, I have a bottle of wine corks.  I wanted to use them other than to sit in a bottle on the mantel. Boring!

So I decided to make a trivet and a frame for notes and photos.  These are two simple crafts that can be done with your children.  It is easy and fast, so it make for summer fun without boredom.

Trivet corks for summer project

The fun with this project is you can put them in any shape you want.

I made a heart shape / grapes shape.

Items Needed:

  • 28 same size corks or cut to same size
  • Hot glue gun

Directionscorks and blue backing

  • Put corks in arrangement you like, and glue them together.
  • If you want to be fancy, you can cut out a piece of felt and glue to bottom of trivet (same shape as your trivet)  I just used Blue Construction Paper.
  • The White paper is used to catch any wayward drips of glue.corks glued together
  • Let dry overnight.

I found that some of the corks needed a touch more glue to adhere to neighboring cork for better stability.

No sealing necessary.  After all, these are wine corks and they were in liquid 24/7 and didn’t leak!

Have fun!


Cork Frame Corks lined up for framing

Again, just collect the wine corks, and this time no cutting needed to make them even!


  • 55 similar width wine corks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flat picture frame (nothing ornate)
  • Box of hat pins or T pins

Directions Row 1 of corks

  • Just lay them side by side, either all in one direction or alternating.
  • Glue them directly on the backing of the frame.  I suggest laying them out first and then gluing them to Rows of wine corksbacking.
  • Once you have the last cork glued, let dry for several days.
  • Roll your hand over the corks and if any are not really secure, just add more glue and let dry for another 3 corks in frame

As it will be hanging, I also glued the ends of the inside corks so they were really stuck on.

You will be pinning and unpinning things and it would be such a bother to keep re-gluing the corks!

Have fun!

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