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Target Pests Without Chemicals

Child and Pet Safe Alternatives

insect spray bottle

It’s easy to go to the garden center or big box store and pick up some chemical to get rid of most any insect. These leach into your ground, can be bad for pets and smell awful!

Here are some easy ways to get rid of aphids, earwigs, slugs and more. These are safe to use around pets and kids.

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Mosquito Repelling Plants

Protect Your Family and Pets

Beware Mosquito

Now is the time to start planning our gardens.  If you have the ability to start from seed, these are easy plants to grow outside.

I am fortunate to have a garden center that sells not only flowers, but organic plants and herbs, as well.  I have no room to grow seeds anywhere in my home (north facing windows, small basement, etc).  So I opt for getting these plants as seedlings and planting them in pots and gardens around my deck and patio.


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Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

I love the warm sun and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. I imagine myself in a comfy lawn chair with a magazine on one side and a glass of homemade iced tea on the other. My daydreaming does not include bugs, however in warm weather they are all around us.

There are easy ways to keep pesky flies, wasps and ants at bay. Here are my first choice for deterrents:

AntsNatural Bug Deterrant

  • Put 2 tablespoons of yellow corn meal into a little pile, make 3-4 piles where you have seen the ants. They will bring it back to their nest for all to eat. They can’t digest it, so they will be gone in a week.
  • To deter ants coming into your home, pour dried coffee grounds in a line to the entrance to your doors and/or windows where they are coming in. This works as well as corn starch, vinegar and all-purpose flour. They won’t cross the line. If one does, the others won’t follow.

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