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Is Your Dryer Killing You?

Dryer Sheets Have Carcinogens

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I have read that dryer sheets can be cancerous.  It may be true, it may not, but personally I don’t want to take that chance.  After all, it is just a cloth with many chemicals and a fragrance.

Dryer sheets are also expensive, so I always opt for making something myself.  This one is fast and easy and cheap!

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DIY Carpet Cleaner

Making Your Own Carpet Cleaner

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It is hard enough to get everything done in a day, so why make your own household cleaners? Because your family’s health is at stake.

Today’s cleaners are loaded with chemicals, may which have been shown to cause cancer in animals. Why not take a short bit of time to make a month’s supply and clean with healthy alternatives. Not to mention it is much less expensive than the commercial brands.

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DIY Air Fresheners

DIY Air Fresheners

spray bottle by Africa Studio

Everyone wants their home to smell fresh and clean. However, winter in the northern states, with everything closed up can smell less than fresh!

To avoid pricey and dangerous air fresheners filled with chemicals you can make up a batch in minutes.

Here are some “recipes” I use around my house.

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Danger in the Grocery Aisles

No, I’m not talking about people who are dangerous, or that no hormones signimpatient person pushing their cart 90 mph down the frozen food aisle. I’m talking about the additives being put in our food. I am not getting on a soap box, but I do ask you to keep an open mind.

There are more chemicals being put into the U.S. food than in any other country. Which makes perfect sense to me why we have the largest population who has problems with diabetes and obesity.

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