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Best Way to a Quick Meal

Spring Slow Cooker Meals

Cookbook held open, with wisk

It is still chilly and wet here in the Midwest.  Once in a while I know I will be having a busy day so I turn to my Slow Cooker to put a meal together in the morning and be ready when I get home in the evening.

I do any cleaning and chopping of vegetables the night before and put any spices out on the counter for the morning.  If meat needs to be seared first, I also do that the night before.  Everything goes into the refrigerator until morning.

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13 Unconventional Uses for Baking Soda

Why DIY Beats Commercial Every Time!

baking soda on spoon

When I get in a mood for baking, I always make sure I have baking soda on hand.  Then the box sits on the shelf.  Well, no more!  There are so many uses for baking soda, they are too numerous to list.

I have found, however, a list of 13 that I use on a regular basis.  They are quick, easy and so inexpensive to the chemical-laden commercial options.

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How to Create Jewelry Cleaner in Minutes

DIY Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Women's jewelry
I have been using this DIY cleaner for the last several years and love it. So far it has worked on all types of jewelry. It is natural and therefore I don’t have to worry about it wreaking havoc on even some of my less expensive pieces.

I have spent more than I want to comment on for jewelry cleaners. As I make a lot of my own jewelry, I have a lot of it. To keep it clean and sanitized takes only a bit of time, but a lot of money for commercial cleaners.

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Do You Clean Like Mom?

Cleaning As Cheap as Mom

jar of borax and jar of washing soda

I remember my mother and grandmother always had a box of Fels Naptha, a bar of Lava soap and a container of 20 Mule Team Borax.   They believed in cleaning naturally.

I have a number of ways to use Borax that will be just as fast and less expensive than commercial brands.

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DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm

Tube of lip balm

In Wisconsin, we have a long, dry winter for the most part. Even with a humidifier, it is easy to get chapped lips.

Instead of spending money on wax, chemical lip sticks, make your own for 1/3 the price!

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Canning Made Easy

Canning – Easy First Recipe

Canning jars with lids, canner or pot in a kitchen settingI am not a “home-body”. Well at least I wasn’t. I can cook, clean and do the laundry, but not the type to start canning food when I am surrounded by stores. Or so I thought. Have you noticed the prices of everything is going up? The ingredients listed on products are getting hard to pronounce and sound like a chemistry experiment.

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