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Season Veggies – Salt Your Garden

Epsom Salts for your Garden

Epsom Salt Bag

You use Epsom Salts for achy feet and joints in a good tub soak.  How can it be useful for your garden?

Epsom salts is loaded with magnesium and sulfate, giving your plants the nutrition they need to grow.


  • Dissolve 3 cups of Epsom salt in water, adding water slowly.
  • Pour solution onto the base of your plants to fully soak the soil.

This solution may be used on fruits, vegetables and any landscape plants.  Check with your gardening store if you have hydrangea’s as this may change their color, depending on the variety.

I use this in my garden, but especially for my tomatoes and peppers.  This increases the sweetness of the tomatoes and the size of the peppers.