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The Power’s Out – Now What?

Have you ever experienced an ice storm where everyone in your neighborhood has lost power? It may be cold up here in Wisconsin, but after an ice storm, you can store food in sealed containers in your garage for awhile. (trying to be positive).

Any electrical storm can take out a junction box in your neighborhood. With no electricity, there are no lights, no heat, no microwave, no stove. What do you do? Read More→

Planning A Garden

seed catalogs

Spring is almost here.  Planning a garden begins with seed catalogs.

During the time between February and March I begin planning our garden.  Here in Wisconsin I won’t be planting outside until the end of May.

Review Seed Catalogs

I love going through the seed catalogs. It took me several years to learn the importance of  Read More→

Soups to Warm You

Nothing warms the body better than warm comfort food. The coldcream of broccoli cheese soup weather makes this the perfect time to cook up a pot of soup. Whether you enjoy winter outside sports or prefer to stay in and grab a magazine and sit by the fire, soup makes a great meal.


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Living the Life

What does that really mean? Does it mean you are financially independent? Does it mean you have good health? It actually is different for everyone.

Sure we all say we would like to win a lottery and have good health to enjoy it, but would that be “living the life”? Not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be totally poverty-stricken and in bad health, I just think there is more to life.

So here at Earth Mavin, I have been doing everything I can to keep my mind alert, my body healthy, my creature comforts minimal and my loved ones close. I have learned there are many ways we can take a piece out of our busy lives and enjoy people, places and things, before they are gone.

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