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Learn How to Use Leeks

How to Clean and Use Leeks Leeks and soup pot

If you’ve never had a leek, you are missing out on a very delicious taste.  Leeks may be used in place of scallions or onions, in my opinion.  My daughter first introduced me to leeks with her homemade chicken soup.  What a difference that made.

Whether you grow your own or purchase them from the market, there are some simple rules to keep them fresh and ready to use.  They are simple, quick and will make a better recipe when followed.  Recipes found below.

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How to Keep Your Campers Happy

recipe card

If you Love Camping, You’ll love these Recipes

No one likes to cook big meals once they are at the campground.  It is a time to spend outside with family and friends in the beauty of the nature around you.  However, after a long day of playing the tribe gets hungry.  Here are two recipes to feed your beasts in the early morning and late evening faster they you can make a sandwich! You just need to put a few ingredients together before you leave for the weekend.

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Canning Made Easy

Canning – Easy First Recipe

Canning jars with lids, canner or pot in a kitchen settingI am not a “home-body”. Well at least I wasn’t. I can cook, clean and do the laundry, but not the type to start canning food when I am surrounded by stores. Or so I thought. Have you noticed the prices of everything is going up? The ingredients listed on products are getting hard to pronounce and sound like a chemistry experiment.

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