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Tight Budget Fixes

Expand Your Budget


Every day I have someone ask me if I know of any way they can earn extra money on a regular basis.  These people often have full time jobs.  They are not living above their means, but circumstances have put them in a situation where paying bills takes precedence over saving.

I have suggestions on how to make extra money; some on a permanent basis and others are seasonal.

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Useful Bling

I love to have some bling in my life, doesn’t everyone? Well for me aluminum foil rollthat “bling” is aluminum foil. This is not just a wrap for leftovers, it is a household wonder. It can be used to remove rust spots, fix a broken spring, help guide a screw and so much more.

Car Care

Rust spots – Scrub chrome bumper with popular “brown” soda; Take a small sheet of aluminum foil and crumble it up. Scrub rust with foil scrub. Works on battery terminals too.

Oil Drips – Make a “pan” out of extra strength aluminum foil to catch any oil drips when you work on the car. Flatten a cardboard box, cover with aluminum foil and duct tape it together.

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