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New to Gardening?

News for Novice and Experienced Gardeners

raised garden beds

As a new gardener it is easy to get out and begin planting everything as soon as you can.  This is a novice mistake.  Gardens take a bit of planning.

First you need to know:

  • what area of the country you are in and when the last frost will be.
  • You need to know where you will be planting, in direct sun, partial shade or total shade?
  • What will you be planting?  Vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers?


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Planning A Garden

seed catalogs

Spring is almost here.  Planning a garden begins with seed catalogs.

During the time between February and March I begin planning our garden.  Here in Wisconsin I won’t be planting outside until the end of May.

Review Seed Catalogs

I love going through the seed catalogs. It took me several years to learn the importance of  Read More→