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8 Unconventional Ways to Use This Product

Aluminum Foil Strategies

aluminum foil roll

Most every household has Aluminum Foil in their pantry. However did you know there are other uses other than wrapping food for storage?

Here is a short list of ways you can save money by using foil instead of buying commercial products for all these uses.


  • Soften Brown Sugar – Break off a chuck of that hard sugar and wrap it in the foil. Put in your oven at 300 degrees for 5 minutes. It will be soft and ready to use.
  • Roll Warmer – Place a piece of foil under a napkin in a serving basket. It keep the heat in and keeps grease stains from the basket.
  • Increase Battery Life: Wrap them in foil, put them in zipper plastic bag and store in cool, dry place.
  • Sharpen craft scissors: Cut a piece of foil several time to sharpen craft scissors.
  • Charcoal grill – Line the grill with heavy duty aluminum foil. When the fire is out and all is cooled, ball it up and toss in the trash.
  • Freezer – Place a sheet of foil on floor of freezer to keep spills and ice cube trays from sticking. Remember not to cover any vents.
  • Fix a spring –  A broken spring in a battery device can be fixed by folding a small piece of foil and use it to fill the gap.
  • Eliminate Static Cling – Roll up 2 small balls of aluminum foil and throw in dryer when doing sheets or towels. It will help eliminate the static and is great if you have allergies to commercial static cling products.

What ways have you used foil unconventionally around your house?

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