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Quick List of Important Documents to Save

When it Pays to Keep Recordsdebris from tornado

I have been fortunate and never been through a storm, earthquake, flood or anything else that might destroy my home.

That being said, I see too often how quickly this type of devastation can hit.  I have a small pantry with emergency food and equipment for 3 days of survival (everyone should have this).  However, If a tornado hit and took out your house, would you know what documents you had at home, which credit cards to cancel, how to contact all the people, banks, etc to let them know to turn everything off so you aren’t a victim of identity theft?  After all, if all of your bank statements and credit card statements are at home, after a storm they could be miles away for anyone to pick up.

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Bartering for Comfort

With the summer storms, it is easy to imagine losing power at some emergency itemstime. This also has happened to us in winter. Even if power is out for only 3 days, it can mean a lot of spoiled food, uncomfortable living (cold/heat) and few options for cooking.

I can’t stress it more, you need to plan for these things. I am not speaking about a doom and gloom scenario, but an act of nature. If you don’t have a supply of batteries, candles or flashlights, you may need to barter for them from your neighbors.

If you can build something everyone wants, if you have supplies that no one has; you will be queen of the block. So if you need something, be prepared to offer something they might need in return. (When your power is out for longer than 3 days, this situation can happen).

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