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Saving Rain Water Considerations

Rain Water Pre-Planning

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I live in Wisconsin, so we have been lucky not to experience the type of draught the west has endured these past couple of years.  That does not mean it can’t happen here.

I was thinking about installing a rain water system, but where do you start?  There are a lot on the market, many that you can do yourself and some that look great and others that look downright ugly.

First and foremost: Know your municipality’s rainwater rules (or your state). Looks are not what is important though.  You need to know if it is allowed in your municipality.  Yes, believe it or not, some places don’t want you to use rain catchment systems, even if they are totally hidden.  Apparently (just my thoughts) they can’t get as much sewer and water taxes from me if I use one.

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Making Water Safe

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Water is essential to life, mostly for drinking, but for many other

aspects of daily living. We clean produce, dishes, kids, and clothes. We water gardens, pets and cook with water. Most of us take water for granted.

The drought in the West this past year shows just how quickly water reservoirs, rivers, streams and tanks can go dry. An electrical failure took out our water treatment plant for 2 days. So it does not have to be a full-blown catastrophe to leave you without water.

There are ways to be prepared for a possible water shortage, at least for a short time. But no matter what way you find to hold water, you want to make sure it is potable and fit for human consumption.  Read More→