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The True Identity of Invasive Weeds

Garden Weeds


Weeds are inevitable whenever you have a garden.  There are ways to curb them, but you can’t get them all.

Sometimes it is hard to tell a new weed from a new plant.  Here is a list of plants and images to help with your identification.

These are weeds relative to the mid-west.  Each part of the country has it’s own specific weeds and may be found on the website.

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Pretty Weeds are a Danger

Terrestrial Invasive species – Regulated plants


Honeysuckle weedInvasive plants are found throughout the world. Some look very pretty and are often used in flower arrangements. This is not a good thing. When you are in amongst invasive species, they can leave with you even if you did not pick any of them. They stick to your shoes, socks, slacks and anything you lie down next to them. Read More→