Target Pests Without Chemicals

Child and Pet Safe Alternatives

insect spray bottle

It’s easy to go to the garden center or big box store and pick up some chemical to get rid of most any insect. These leach into your ground, can be bad for pets and smell awful!

Here are some easy ways to get rid of aphids, earwigs, slugs and more. These are safe to use around pets and kids.


These ant eliminators are made from ingredients you might already have.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Once you see ants inside your home, or congregating in entryways, watch them to see what route they are taking. Spray their routes with the cider vinegar and they won’t find their way back to the nest (and won’t bring any more friends inside).

Baking Soda, Powder Sugar – Mix equal parts of the soda and sugar in a bowl. I save all types of containers, so I put mine into an old salt shaker. Shake on the ant hills and routes.


Yellow – Aphids love the color yellow. I found a shallow yellow bowl at the Dollar Store and filled it with soapy water. Put it next to the plants and throw out the water and aphids the next day. Repeat if necessary.


White Flour – Sprinkle the flour on pests like grasshoppers early in the morning when plants are still wet with dew. The pests will die on the plants. Rinse off the plants the next day.


Bread Crumbs – fill an empty carton (food grade) with damp, balled up newspaper and bread crumbs. Put this in the garden on its side. Earwigs will crawl into the carton to feast. In the morning, pour the earwigs into a tub of soapy water.

Canola Oil and Soy Sauce – This unusual combination works well. Take equal parts of each and put into a shallow bowl where you have seen them before. Scoop out bugs with old slotted spoon and keep the mixture for another day or two. If they keep coming, make a fresh batch and continue to use.


Empty food grade containers – lay containers on their side (rectangle ones work best, like cracker containers) in a shady area. Pour the slugs into soap water the next morning.

Citrus Fruit Rinds or Melon Rinds – Leave rinds in the garden overnight. With gloves, remove the slugs from the rinds into soapy water in the morning. Use the rinds for about 3 days. Repeat as needed.

These chemical-free alternatives take some planning, but keeping our children, pets and environment safe is always best.


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