Tool for Every Emergency

Duct Tape to the Rescue

Duct Tape pieces

I know everyone has at least one roll of duct tape.  We have about 20.  Why you ask?  Because there are so many emergency things you can do with it.  I keep a roll in my car trunk with the other emergency equipment.

I am a CERT (Certified Emergency Response Trainer) and have taught many classes for survival in day-to-day emergencies.  One thing we also cover is what to do in a disaster, so again duct tape comes into play.

If you or someone you know gets hurt and there are no first aid boxes around, you can use duct tape.  The most common use is for patching things.  Here is a list of things you can use duct tape on, at least temporarily.

Arm or Shoulder Aid Sling Teddy Bear Bandaged

If you have material, start with that and extend its length and secure it with duct tape.  If you don’t have any material for the sling, you can cut 4 long strips of tape, fold each in half.  Put a strip of unfolded tape down the center to make a place for the arm to rest.  Hook all strips to one long one to go around the neck.


You can stabilize a broken arm or leg with anything stiff, like a board, branch, or a lot of padding.  Hold it tightly against the broken limb with the duct tape wrapping around it.

Blister Protector

blister on heel

There’s nothing worse than a blister.  We took a trip this summer to Nashville and apparently I brought the wrong shoes.  30 minutes into our walk downtown, I could feel a blister starting.  Think I could find a place to buy a bandaid?  Nope.  If I were at home, I would have had my trusty roll of duct tape.  I now will carry a small amount wrapped around a medicine bottle when I travel, just in case.  If you have a piece of cloth or a clean napkin, duct tape it over your blister.  Clean and treat it when you can and put the duct tape on the inside back of your shoe to prevent more blisters if you have to continue to wear that pair.  (I threw mine out at the hotel and wore slip-ons the rest of the trip!)

Broken Glass Frame

I have had it happen.  You are minding your own business and cleaning your glasses.  Then a second later, the frame comes apart and you can’t find that tiny, tiny screw.  I can’t see without my glasses, so being able to temporarily tape them together will at least get me through the day before I head out to get another screw.

Patch Camping Gear

If you camp off grid, there is nothing worse than a leaky tent, torn sleeping bag or torn rain gear.  A quick duct tape on the inside (where it does not show) will fix it until you get home.

Leaking Hose

Leaky hose

I will usually call for a tow truck if my car breaks down, but if you are handy and know what you are looking at under a hood, duct tape can be your friend.  My husband has used it on a leaking hose.  It got him to a repair shop and avoided the high tow cost.

I don’t know who invented this powerful, waterproof wonder, but I am glad they did.  Just remember to keep a roll in your car and you should do just fine!


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