Top 3 Ways to Ward Off Wasps

Wasps, Hornets and Summer


Summer is here and so are the wasps.  I don’t like these insects hanging around as they are sure to sting me or my dog.  I have come across and used different methods to get rid of these stinging pests.   Here are my top 3 methods to get rid of wasps.

Hang a look-alike Nest

wasp nest

You can purchase bogus wasp nest at most hardware stores and at Amazon.  I prefer to make my own.


  • Brown paper bag
  • Duct tape

The first nest I tried was this one.  Crumple up a large, paper grocery bag and cover it with gray duct tape.  Keep an opening so you can attach a hanger and put it somewhere in your yard.  Wasps are territorial and won’t build a nest where there already is onel.

Second wasp nest:


  • Brown grocery bag
  • Twine

This nest is faster to make.  Just crumple it up and begin wrapping twine around it.  Tie it off and hang it.  Unlike the duct tape, you don’t even need to wrap the twice so the bag does not show,  As long as it is approximately the same size as most nests, the wasps will leave.

I tried one of these at home and one at our trailer up north.  Both worked great.  Neighbors complained about the wasps but none came around either of my places. (Sorry, no pics as we sold the trailer and I made the duct tape one to take it’s place at home).

Natural Wasp Killer

I try not to use chemicals at all, so when I heard of a wasp killer that was not toxic, I had to try it.  I tried this when we found a wasp nest in the end hollow end bumper to our trailer.

  • Do this at night when the nest is full
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves and a hat
  • Fill a hose sprayer bottle with dish soap and water
  • Attach to hose
  • Turn on hose and allow to fill up container and make suds
  • Spray the wasp nest.

If they fly out spray them too.  Most likely they already have soap suds on them. The will be unable to fly far due to the weight and eventually die.

This will keep chemicals from going all over your yard or porch and your pets and kids won’t be hurt from any dish soap!

 Ward Off Door Hangers

penny and water in baggie

Some wasps will hang around your doors as it gets cooler because when you go in and out they sense the warmth.  Fill a zip lock bag with water and add a penny.  Hang this by your doors.  There are several ideas as to why this works, but relatives swear by it, so I thought I would pass it along. (I use this in fall for those who hover around the doors).  I use the fake nest in spring when they are looking for a place to build a nest.

How have you avoided these pesky, stinging insects?



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