Unconventional Craft Pillows

No-Sew Crafts in Minutes

I can sew, I just don’t choose to sew anything if I can avoid it.  These pillows are a cinch to make and you can do it for about $5 per pillow.  If these are going outside, you will need to get a bottle of Outdoor Fabric Spray.  I got my Outdoor Fabric Spray at Amazon.

Placemat Pillows

double sided placemat


  • 2 double layer placemats for each pillow
  • Outdoor Fabric Spray (if these will be outside pillows)
  • 1 bag of  pillow stuffing for every 2 pillows


When you are looking for placemats, you need to get those that have two layers.

  • Take your ripper and open a small hole, large enough to opening made in placematuse for adding the stuffing.






  • Stuff pillow with ½ the bag of fill. (make sure to stuff corners)half stuffed pillow

fully stuffed pillow







  • Hand stitch the hole you opened, or use iron-on tape to seal
  • If this is an outside pillow, spray it with fabric spray according to spray directions.

That’s it! You can zip these out in an hour or less per pillow.

finished pillow

Quick, easy and they turn out beautiful.


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