Useful Bling

I love to have some bling in my life, doesn’t everyone? Well for me aluminum foil rollthat “bling” is aluminum foil. This is not just a wrap for leftovers, it is a household wonder. It can be used to remove rust spots, fix a broken spring, help guide a screw and so much more.

Car Care

Rust spots – Scrub chrome bumper with popular “brown” soda; Take a small sheet of aluminum foil and crumble it up. Scrub rust with foil scrub. Works on battery terminals too.

Oil Drips – Make a “pan” out of extra strength aluminum foil to catch any oil drips when you work on the car. Flatten a cardboard box, cover with aluminum foil and duct tape it together.


Cover hardware, door knobs, window frames from paint by wrapping the foil around it. Easy to put on, easier to take off.

Painting with a roller? Line your tray with foil on bottom and up around edges of tray. Add you paint and roll as usual. Clean up time, just throw out the foil.

Taking a break from painting? Wrap your paintbrushes with foil and put them in the refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to go back to work.


Herb cuttings – Cover a jar of water with foil. Punch holes using a toothpick. Insert the stems through the holes. This will keep them upright in the water.

Seed incubator – Line a shoebox with aluminum foil, shiny side up; allow the foil to extend over the sides by about 2 inches. Punch several draining holes in the bottom of the box, through the foil and fill the box slightly more than half way with potting soil. Plant the seeds, place box near a sunny window and keep the soil moist. The foil will reflect the light and absorb heat for the seedlings.


What have you found foil useful for around your house?

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